Commercial Photo Gallery

Commercial Property Cleaning in Arlington, VA

Rob R. from our SERVPRO of South Arlington team help at this commercial property in Arlington, Virginia. After water damage from a frozen pipe that burst, the SERVPRO of South Arlington team removed the carpet protection while Jon W. continued cleaning the walls.

Commercial Cleaning Arlington, VA

Elvis F. from our SERVPRO of South Arlington team is meticulously carpet cleaning in Arlington, Virginia at a commercial property. The SERVPRO of South Arlington did a great job cleaning the carpet and making it look new again.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Falls Church, VA

Our Commercial clients frequently call of to perform carpet cleaning of their common areas like picture here. We performed carpet cleaning of several hallways for an apartment building in Falls Church, VA.

Commercial Water Damage in McLean, VA

SERVPRO was called out to a commercial building out in McLean, VA after a toilet back up in their public bathrooms. We extracted the water and cleaned the affected areas.

Commercial Building Fire in Alexandria,VA

We were called out to a commercial building in Alexandria, VA after a recent fire. Even though the fire was contained to the kitchen area soot and smoke traveled through out the building leaving behind soot and debris as well as a very strong smoke odor.

Commercial building in Vienna, Virginia has Mold Growth

A commercial building in Vienna, Virginia reports of mold growth on several parts of the ceiling and on an air ducts on the ceiling. SERVPRO crews set up containment and performed HEPA vacuuming of all the areas affected by mold growth.

Commercial cleanup from a workplace accident in Alexandria, VA

This business in Alexandria Virginia experienced structural damage as a result of a serious workplace accident. SERVPRO of South Arlington has the expertise and equipment to provide remediation for damage resulting from an accident such as this one. In this particular situation, an employee of the business was attempting to retrieve fluorescent lightbulbs from there storage location on top of a drop ceiling. The employee lost his footing and caused a panel from the ceiling to fall out and approximately 15 fluorescent lightbulbs to fall through and shatter. We were able to use specialized vacuum’s to ensure no tiny shards of glass created any safety concerns and provide temporary cover to the ceiling. The business owner and office manager were very grateful to be able to use the space again within a matter of hours!