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Team Celebration

Piñata party fun for the SERVPRO of South Arlington staff. The Admin team and the Production team reached their yearly Wildly Important Goals (WIG) together! What a wonderful way to end the year!

SERVPRO of South Arlington

We at SERVPRO of South Arlington are proud to serve all of our local communities. We work hard to support our community through charity and good customer service. We look forward to helping our customers every day.

Kitchen Fire in Alexandria, VA

SERVPRO of South Arlington was called out to perform fire remediation at this home after a kitchen had caught fire in Alexandria, Virginia. This kitchen fire was started by the stove while cooking.

Technology and Efficiency

SERVPRO of South Arlington uses DryBook and other helpful technology to stay on top of damages caused by fire, water, and mold. We pride ourselves on documenting through taking pictures, keeping detailed notes, and keeping in constant communication with our customers.

Classroom Fire in Virginia

SERVPRO of South Arlington is here to help in any fire remediation. From homes to commercial properties, we are here to help. We will get the area clean and safe with very little down time. Here is a photo of a classroom fire.

Fire Damage in Falls Church, VA

In Falls Church, VA a fire started in the bathroom of an apartment just because the hair dryer was left plugged in. Remember to always unplug anything that is not being actively used for the safety of your family and home.

Packing Out Contents

SERVPRO of South Arlington is trained on packing out contents for cases of fire, water, and mold damage. Our team has a monthly training course on top of the certificate courses for more specializations.

Commercial Property Cleaning in Arlington, VA

Rob R. from our SERVPRO of South Arlington team help at this commercial property in Arlington, Virginia. After water damage from a frozen pipe that burst, the SERVPRO of South Arlington team removed the carpet protection while Jon W. continued cleaning the walls.

Mold Removal in Arlington, VA

Andrew S. from our SERVPRO of South Arlington team is  assisting with the placement of a containment wall in Arlington, Virginia. This wall was contaminated with mold and moisture. SERVPRO of South Arlington dried the area and removed the mold.

Commercial Cleaning Arlington, VA

Elvis F. from our SERVPRO of South Arlington team is meticulously carpet cleaning in Arlington, Virginia at a commercial property. The SERVPRO of South Arlington did a great job cleaning the carpet and making it look new again.

Cleaning Mold in Arlington, VA

Hue N. from our SERVPRO of South Arlington team is cleaning out hangers that have been affected by mold in Arlington, Virginia. The closet is in a residential house that had unforeseen moisture leaking in from the attached bathroom.

Fire in Bathroom in Falls Church, VA

In Falls Church, VA a fire started in the bathroom due to a hair blow dryer being left plugged in after the owners left for work. Always remember to unplug non-essential electronics when they are not actively being used.

Sewage Removal in Annandale, VA

A church in Annandale, VA had a major sewage back up and had to have drywall, carpeting and tile removed as part of the mitigation process. SERVPRO uses antimicrobial products to get the surfaces to a safe, clean standard.

Water Damage on Hardwood Floors in Alexandria VA

Real hardwood flooring requires special equipment and training to salvage it after a water damage. Luckily SERVPRO has both the equipment and specially trained technicians to rescue your floors from damage caused by water and sewage.

Fire in Commercial Building

SERVPRO of South Arlington, Annandale, McLean and Falls Church is here to help in any fire remediation. From homes to commercial properties, we are here to help. We will get the area clean and safe with very little down time.

House Fire in McLean, VA

Customer in McLean, VA had a fire in their basement due to a 3-D printer malfunctioning. The result of this fire in the basement cause significant smoke and soot damage throughout the entire home. We were able to bring this house to an acceptable clean and the family was very happy with the result.

House Fire in Arlington

House fire in Arlington, VA caused by a defective microwave. While the fire was contained to the kitchen area smoke and soot permeated the entire home requiring a full pack out and cleaning of their contents.

Storm Damage in Falls Church

Office in Falls Church, VA called us in after rain water rushed into their building from a side door with faulty weather stripping. The walls and carpet were saturated and needed cleaning and drying out.

Sump Pump Malfunction due to Storm in McLean, VA

Manager Rob R. arrived to perform a mold inspection in McLean, VA and found standing water in the customer's home from a sump pump malfunction due to water damage. As a courtesy Rob R. fixed the malfunctioning sump pump.

Water Damage Causes Mold in McLean, VA House

When performing Mold Remediation due to extreme water damage, our team ensures we follow the standards and set up containment around the HVAC vents/system to prevent further contamination of mold spores. Here is our tech Hue N. setting up containment at a home in McLean, VA.

Storm Damage in Fairfax, VA

Office Building in Fairfax, VA incurred flooding after a rain storm swept through the area. Our team was able to arrive to the site quickly and get the water mitigated efficiently.

Fire Damage in Falls Church, VA

A Rec Center in Falls Church, VA had major structural damage due to an electrical fire. Our SERVPRO employees were able to remove the parts of the structure that were damaged and get the area back to a clean standard.

Water and Mold Remediation in Washington, DC

Water damage caused mold to grow behind the cove base at a retail store in Washington, DC. We extracted the water from the surrounding area, removed drywall that was affected and sanitized the area. This resulted in a safely working environment and happy customers!

Water Damage in Falls Church, VA

After a Water Damage it is important to call for assistance quickly and not wait too long. If a structure is not set up to be properly dried with in the first 24 hours more damages can occur like pictured here. A customer in Falls Church, VA had a water damage a week prior and cleaned it up themselves. After a week the customer noted the baseboard separating from the wall as well as cupping of the hard wood floors.

Mold Remediation in Drywall in McLean, VA

We performed an inspection for Mold in a kitchen ceiling in McLean,VA. During our inspection we found about 2 sq. feet of mold in the ceiling drywall due to a previous water damage. We remediated the mold and repaired the ceiling

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Falls Church, VA

Our Commercial clients frequently call of to perform carpet cleaning of their common areas like picture here. We performed carpet cleaning of several hallways for an apartment building in Falls Church, VA.

Microbial Growth in Annandale, VA

We were called out to perform Water Mitigation Services at a home in Annandale, VA. While mitigating for a water damage we found signs of microbial growth from a previous water damage.

Water Mitigation Services in Annandale, VA

We were called out to perform Water Mitigation Services at a home in Annandale, VA. On the wall and ceiling is visible signs of water staining from the busted pipe from the bathroom above.

Water Damage from Pipe Leak in Arlington, VA

Customer in Arlington, VA had a water damage from pipe leak from the shower on the floor below. We were able to get out there quickly and set up specialized equipment to save the customer's hard wood floors.

Commercial Water Damage in McLean, VA

SERVPRO was called out to a commercial building out in McLean, VA after a toilet back up in their public bathrooms. We extracted the water and cleaned the affected areas.

Mold in School in Vienna, VA

A school located in Vienna, VA suffered Condition 3 mold damage.  A structure inspection determined that the pool room ceiling was 100% affected with visible microbial growth and the source was determined to be the indoor environment.  SERVPRO of McLean has the training and expertise to remediate mold in any home or business. SERVPRO’s mold remediation focuses on getting mold levels back to normal, natural levels. 

House has Storm Damage in Bethesda, MD

SERVPRO of South Arlington were called out to a home in Bethesda, MD after a severe rain storm. Dirt, debris and water flooded there entire first floor of their home. We were able to help clean the area and make it safe for the family.

Flooding in Bethesda, MD

SERVPRO of South Arlington were called out to a home in Bethesda, MD after a severe rain storm. Water flooded the entire first floor of their home. We were able to help clean the area and make it safe for the family.

Frozen Pipes Burst in Ft. Washington, MD

Last year during freezing temperatures we were called out to a home in Ft. Washington, MD. The customer had been away for the holidays and came home to find a pipe had frozen and busted and flooded her entire home.

Commercial Building Fire in Alexandria,VA

We were called out to a commercial building in Alexandria, VA after a recent fire. Even though the fire was contained to the kitchen area soot and smoke traveled through out the building leaving behind soot and debris as well as a very strong smoke odor.

Affected Area Before Kitchen Fire in Alexandria, VA

This rec room was damaged by soot and smoke after a kitchen fire in Alexandria, VA. We were able to clean all of the contents and restore the room back to it’s original condition.

Water Loss in Mclean VA 22102

This family’s residence in the McLean, VA area experienced serious water. SERVPRO of South Arlington has the expertise and equipment to mitigate residential water losses. We strive to make it "Like it never even happened."

Commercial building in Vienna, Virginia has Mold Growth

A commercial building in Vienna, Virginia reports of mold growth on several parts of the ceiling and on an air ducts on the ceiling. SERVPRO crews set up containment and performed HEPA vacuuming of all the areas affected by mold growth.

Mold Remediation in McLean, VA

Our SERVPRO Team was called out to McLean, VA to inspect and provide an estimate for Mold Remediation. The team found the basement to be affected by mold in a majority of the basement. We gave our recommendations to the homeowners on how best to proceed with the Mold Remediation in accordance with the industry standards on Mold Remediation.

Commercial cleanup from a workplace accident in Alexandria, VA

This business in Alexandria Virginia experienced structural damage as a result of a serious workplace accident. SERVPRO of South Arlington has the expertise and equipment to provide remediation for damage resulting from an accident such as this one. In this particular situation, an employee of the business was attempting to retrieve fluorescent lightbulbs from there storage location on top of a drop ceiling. The employee lost his footing and caused a panel from the ceiling to fall out and approximately 15 fluorescent lightbulbs to fall through and shatter. We were able to use specialized vacuum’s to ensure no tiny shards of glass created any safety concerns and provide temporary cover to the ceiling. The business owner and office manager were very grateful to be able to use the space again within a matter of hours!

Taking a minute to relax

Project Manager Rob R. taking a minute to relax before briefing his team on a recent Fire Remediation. Rob has been actively involved in overseeing a project involving a kitchen fire in a local community center

TopGolf Outing

Our SERVPRO team enjoys a much needed break and group outing at TopGolf of Alexandria after a busy end to 2016. This is also to celebrate achieving our Wildly Important Goals for 2016 and to kick off the 2017 year with a bang.

Staging area at a fire

This is the equipment staging area at an Alexandria Virginia fire restoration job. By assembling a staging area we not only ensure we have all materials needed to perform the restoration, it is easily accessible in a generalized area to the SERVPRO crews to minimize time spent gathering supplies and maximize crew efficiency.

Sewage in Arlington

Here is our team on call in Arlington, Virginia. We received a call from a residential location. Their house experienced backed by sewage and it started to cause major damage in this Arlington neighborhood. Luckily, we were able to help and clean everything up for this family.

Adopt a Park

Our SERVPRO team cleaning up a local park in Arlington, VA. We believe that working together for the community we work in strengthens the bond we have as a team.

Water Damage From Dishwasher

Our customer's dishwasher leaked and caused major water damage and mold growth. Luckily, they called us, SERVPRO of South Arlington. We were able to clean the area and remove the mold.